12.10.2018 marks the first year of ACS as a company. The first year was extremely eventful, during which the number of employees was doubled and the representation of 11 new suppliers and over 14 different product brands got its beginning. The company’s sales growth was promising in all three business segments and the forecast for 2019 looks promising.

Charge your car with electricity from local wind power

The project’s common goal is to increase the usage of locally produced
renewable wind power energy and also to provide this for the charging of electric
vehicles. This is possible by providing the charging service providers’ charging
stations with this energy.
You can find more information about Allwinds on their website
Local corporate customers in the Aland Islands, that choose to purchase a
charging station through ACS, can receive a sponsor deal from Allwinds,

providing them with 4000 kWh of free renewably produced electricity for their
charging station(s).
This offer concerns new customers with Allwinds and require that they sign a
minimum one-year supplier contract for electricity in order to qualify.

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