Eve Double Pro-line

2 3002 650

EV dual Charging station TYPE2.

The Eve Double Pro-line is Alfen’s smart charging solution with two sockets, optimally suited for private and semi public locations. In 2017, Alfen redesigned the Eve from the ground up taking into account the
latest in charging technology and the needs of EV drivers. This unit has a large display screen,
improved user interface, and a new high-tech, reliable hardware platform including several features along with easy configuration and operation.
• 2x Type 2 sockets
• 1-phase (230V) or 3-phase (400V)
• Reliable user authentication with RFID card
• Compatible with most modern EVs (Mode 3/ Type 2)
• Built-in Residual Current Monitoring module for DC residual current
leakage detection (RCMB 6 mA)
• Mode 3 lock release in case of electricity outage
• Possible for mobile connection
• -25C – +50C, IP54

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2×3,7kW, 2×7,4kW, 2x11kW, 2x22kW

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