Chago Pro

5 000

EV dual Charging station TYPE2. 2x22kW

Chago Pro is the low maintenance and easy-to-use electric vehicle
charging station for demanding conditions. Ideal for public or
semi-public spaces.
• Charging Capacity up to 22 kW/socket (2x Type 2 sockets)
• 1-phase (230V) or 3-phase (400V)
• Clear status indicator lights for ease of use (red, green, blue)
• Reliable user authentication with RFID/NFC card
• Sockets (Mode 3/ Type 2)
• Built-in RCD type A
• Built-in Residual Current Monitoring module for DC residual current
• leakage detection (RCMB 6 mA)
• Remotely monitored RCD to improve charger uptime
• Main Circuit Breaker (MCB)
• • Device logs with date and time stamp even in case back end
• connection is lost due to electricity outage
• • Vandalism indicator
• • eHz metering interface
• Mode 3 lock release in case of electricity outage
• Automatic and remote RCD reset with a motor
• Dynamic Load Management (DLM) included
• Standard color ”Traffic White” RAL9016S
• Mobile connection
• -30C – +50C, IP54

Paino 25 kg
Mitat 137 × 57 × 180 cm
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