Energy technology

Within energy technology we provide the best possible product- and service solutions in order to optimize your energy consumption. Our product range stretches from heat pump technology to solar cells and energy storage solutions.


Solar energy is an efficient and environmentally friendly power source, which technique has advanced significantly during the past years.

In cooperation with Scanoffice Oy, we deliver solar power plants, which are built with the markets’ leading components from Hanwha Q CELLS and Fronius.

The panels produce up to 275 Wp and are reinforced by Q.antum-technology, which means more power from a smaller surface.

An Symos 3-phase inverter is integrated with Smart Grid-technology, which enables establishing contact with a network grid or your mobile phone.


​The heat pump-technology has advanced during several years and today it achieves very high levels of efficiency. The energy source is air, soil/rock or water, in other words free natural resources. With a small energy contribution to get the compressor to compress the refrigerant, you can receive a power output of 5kW with only 1kW electrical usage.

We possess a broad experience of working with heating pumps and provide full qualifications (>3kg) for the handling of refrigeration circuits and refrigerants.

In cooperation with Scanoffice Oy, we provide market-leading products within the heating pump technology, from among others Mitsubishi Electric. We also offer pumps from Gree Hansol, Panasonic and Danfoss.


We check, adjust and build the management systems that distribute and regulate energy. Through smart management and optimization solutions we enable energy optimization in its best form.


  • Surveillance of energy consumption for every bracket/consumer
  • Statistics

Tailored management and optimization solutions.

We perform profitability calculations for investments in renewable energy, based on measurements and statistics from the energy consumption.