Eve Single Pro-line


EV Charging station TYPE2. singel socket

The Eve Single Pro-line is equipped with a single socket or tethered cable and is suited for any electric car thanks to its wide range of charging capacities. Smart technology enables the charge point to support the settlement of charging costs whilst ensuring your car is charged at optimal speed. The housing of the Eve Mini is extremely robust, compact and has a modern design. This makes the Eve Mini perfectly suited for both home and the workplace.
• 4 different charging capacities 3,7kW, 7,4kW, 11kW, 22kW (1x Type 2 socket)
• 1-phase (230V) or 3-phase (400V)
• Plug & charge
• Compatible with most modern EVs (Mode 3/ Type 2)
• Built-in Residual Current Monitoring module for DC residual current
leakage detection (RCMB 6 mA)
• Mode 3 lock release in case of electricity outage
• -25C – +50C, IP54
• Possible for mobile connection

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3,7kW, 7,4kW, 11kW, 22kW

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