The market for energy technology is developing rapidly. It is necessary to understand this
development to be able to select products that meet not only the demands of today but also the
demands of the future.

Moreover, since each customer has her specific requests and needs, a tailor-made analysis is often
necessary to be able to decide upon suitable products and services. As a complement to our sales,
we are therefore also offering in-house consultant services. The consultant services are divided in
four main areas that are described below.

Investment analysis

These reports describe the conditions for the investments in solar energy, charging equipment of electrical vehicles, automation systems and energy storage systems etc. The reports are tailor-made for the customer but normally consists of two parts:

  • A descriptive part. This part normally covers topics such as the current state and predicted development regarding the technology, demand, supply, rules and recommendations etc.
  • A quantitative part that normally consists of economic reports such as forecasts regarding profitability, return on investments etc. The forecasts are developed in Excel so that the customer can evaluate different scenarios based on the knowledge she has acquired in the descriptive part.

Engineering services

We perform the work according to the customer’s wishes and needs. Within our own core business areas, we perform all work with in-house capacity. Within engineering services we offer are technical planning, drawings and recommendations regarding the selection of products. We are offering support from the generation of ideas to the final project plan and, if needed, we utilize our network of experts to provide the customer with top class services. In addition to engineering services regarding installations ashore, we also possess the required knowledge regarding installations onboard ferries. the drawing board, on to planning and wrapping the project up with the required training for the customer.

We also undertake whole project entities, where we employ subcontractors to perform such work which goes outside our areas of expertise.

Concept Solutions

The possibility to combine different energy technologies to create tailor-made concept solutions for the customer is an essential idea when we select which products and services to offer. There are of course multitude possible combinations, but a few examples are given below:

  • Mobile battery systems connected to stations for fast-charging of electrical vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks and ferries.
  • Using solar power together with battery systems and innovative automation solutions to optimize energy usage.
  • The combination of battery systems and remote surveillance for the stabilisation of the local grid or as replacement for fossil driven backup generators.

Support by tenders

To stay up-to-date with the technological development requires knowledge and is above all time-consuming. It is however a prerequisite for a successful tender, i.e. to get what you want for the correct price.

Wrongly formulated requirements may for instance not take into account the availability of products and services on the market or results in disproportionate large costs. Frequent changes of the requirements during a tender result in higher administrative costs, indicates a lack of professionalism and may result in fewer bidders and a higher price.

By hiring us, you get access to our extensive knowledge about the products both from a technological and economical point of view. This result in adequate requirements that enhance the probability for a successful tender.

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