The EV’s are coming –
we’ll provide you with all you need to make your home or work place EV-friendly!


The need for EV charging is growing rapidly and the success factors for a working Electrical Vehicle (EV) fleet are simple: environmentally friendly and efficient charging, simple administration and high usability. We provide chargers for EV:s from Ensto Finland Oy, Liikenneverita Oy (Virta) and Webasto.


There are different standards for the charging equipment for EV:s. The right standard is chosen based upon car make and model as well as the need. Most EV:s today are compatible with at least Typ 2, which is the main plug model that manufacturers strive to use. Generally, the types are divided into two: an European standard series and an Asian standard series. Typ 2 mode 3 and CCS belong to the European series. Typ 1 and ChaDeMo belong to the Asian series. Below follows a short description of the different types.



1-phase AC for normal charging up to 32A, primarily used by Asian manufacturers.


3-phase or 1-phase AC for normal charging up to 70A, primarily used by European manufacturers.


DC-charging for fast charging with efficiency regulation depending on the charging gear, primarily used by Asian manufacturers.


DC-charging for fast charging with efficiency regulation depending on the charging gear, primarily used by European manufacturers.

The plug on the charger side can be any one of the above mentioned except Type 1. It can also be a grounded household socket (Schuko), which is the most common socket type in a household. However, this type of socket is not qualified for EV charging (in Finland). This socket type is being phased out and few new EV:s have an Schuko-cable as standard equipment. Some of the above-mentioned plugs are also compatible with each other through special cables or adapters, which can be purchased separately.


We offer the whole product line of Ensto:s chargers for EV:s. Ensto is a well-known and reliable brand from Finland.

In their product line you can find chargers of Typ1, Typ2 mode3, CCS and ChaDeMo. There are power bands from 1,8kW up to 150kW.

All chargers are ready for and compatible with Smart-Grid and cloud based services.

Visit Ensto’s website for more information about the products!


We cooperate with Liikennevirta Oy and offer their product line of chargers, which are integrated with their back-end system.

In their product line you can find three different back-end systems: KOTI (for domestic use), BUSINESS (for organizations that want to provide EV charging for their customers) and KIINTEISTÖ (for real estate and housing corporations and companies).

Virta’s chargers come from the Finnish manufacturer Ensto and the Dutch manufacturer Alfen. Power ranges from 3,7kW up to 50kW.

With Virta’s cloud based services you can limit the number of users, make follow-ups on statistics, make reservations to charging points, receive online updates, identify, charge customers at your self-chosen rate, make payments through the Virta app, through credit card or an electronic key tag or card as well as receiving automatic billing. Besides all this, you also have access to 24/7 customer service.

Generally, a charging procedure can be as the following:

  1. The user finds the nearest charging station through Virta’s app and makes a reservation for EV charging.
  2. The user reads his key tag or card or pays though Virta’s app, alternatively with his credit card or through Virta’s homepage.
  3. The user charges his EV.
  4. The billing is handled automatically and the charger’s owner is credited for the charge.

Visit Virtas webshop for more information on the specific products.

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