ACS - for smarter energy

ACS-Infinity is an innovative and modern company focusing on automation, EV-charging and smart energy technology. We tailor the best products on the market into a perfect concept for the specific customer.

With our broad experience within the electrical, automation and renewable energy industries, we can guarantee our customers professional assistance as well as excellent and flexible customer service!

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Our Business Idea

Our business idea is based on three different business areas: sales and installation of chargers and charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles, sales and installation of energy technology, as well as an extensive range of automation services. We also provide an extensive range of tailored consultancy services. All three business areas are carefully planned, so that they combined complement each other and serve the same main purpose.


ACS-Infinity is a innovative and modern company with a solid business idea and the ambition to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable technical solutions, combined with top-notch quality on all services and products. Our work always keeps focus on quality, not quantity. Every job is important and is carried out from the drawing board under the planning phase, all the way to the finish when the customer receives “the key in his or her hand”. We choose our business partners with care, both our suppliers and subcontractors. We gladly tailor solutions according to the customer’s specific needs and we want to be as flexible as possible when executing the work, without compromises to either quality or security aspects.


ACS-Infinity aims to be a well-established and utilized supplier on the international market in all of its three core business areas. Our values are reliability, accuracy and the highest possible quality on the services we provide and on the products we deliver. The company strives to achieve stable but remarkable annual growth, both economically and measured in resources. We constantly look for the right co-workers to strengthen our team. If you think you’re the right person and want to accept the challenge of working in a growing organization with substantial possibilities to have an impact on the work we do, please send an open application to us at


Our mission is to plan, develop and implement efficient and sustainable technical solutions according to our customers’ needs. Within the automation area, we focus on technical solutions for real-estate (heating, cooling and ventilation and the management of these aspects), industrial automation (for example robotizing production facilities) as well as general management and optimization within the automation industry.

With our solar power facilities we want to make way for sustainable energy solutions. Together with our suppliers, we can optimize and tailor the solar power facility according to the customer’s premises and facility, ready for installation. We will gladly be of service with the optimization of energy utilization together with the installation work.

Within the area of chargers and charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles, we strive to a strategic position within the Nordic markets. We provide a variety of chargers and charger stations for electric and hybrid vehicles, both for consumers, corporate customers as well as the public sector. The chargers or charging stations are offered in different dimensions, depending on the customer’s needs. Here we aim to offer the solutions for everything from meeting the household demands to the needs’ of bigger corporate facilities as well the demanding needs within the marine industry. The chargers are available in the power ranges starting from 7 kWh and up to 50 kWh power output.


We offer different concept solutions according to the customer’s wishes and demands, when it comes to any of our core business areas.

We can for example offer a package-deal including EV:s, chargers together with a back-end system, as well as solar panels to make the charging more green. To further optimize the charging, we can tailor-make a software and prioritize the usage among the different consumers on the electrical grid.

In concert with the customer, we look for the best possible solution and see to it that the customer gets the solution that he or she is looking for.


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