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At ACS I’m responsible for the general oversight of our business operations, our staff and for the development of our company. I actively participate in meetings with customers, suppliers and cooperation partners. It’s my job to see to it that everybody in our company thrive in their roles and that we work with the right people and right companies, that our products and services are competitive and that we constantly develop our business. 

We are operating within a highly innovative and rapidly changing business environment, which calls for quick reacting and adapting in order to respond to the increasing competition. I view that we can turn these capabilities to our advantage, as yet a quite small and flexible organisation. 

My foremost strengths lie within general business knowledge, finance & accounting and business development. Prior to this job I worked for five years at one of the leading banking groups in the Nordics. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.


+358 (0)44 0422 649


Head of Consulting & Business Support
+358 (0)40 132 7656

I’m responsible for consultancy services and I also work with business support. As an example, I produce tailor-made analyses and reports to support corporates and organisations that would like to invest in electric mobility.

In addition, I am analysing the markets in which ACS operates, so that we can offer our customers solutions that are sustainable from an environmental, technological and economic perspective. 

Earlier I have worked among others with research and development of hearing instruments in Switzerland and credit analyses of listed corporations in Sweden. I hold a Master’s Degree in  Electrical Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.

I enjoy analysing and to solve challenges and for me its important to try to provide the customer with adequate and comprehensive information, so that he or she can make an informed decision.

That ACS works for a better environment was a deciding factor when I decided to join the company. I hope that you as a customer would like to join us on the journey towards a society with much less negative impact on the environment.


Automation & IT-Engineering
+358 (0)40 159 9118

I see myself as an innovative person with a thirst for knowledge. My strength is the general knowledge I have acquired concerning electronics, power systems and IT. Since these fields often touch one another, it might be a benefit to have experience all the way from Ohms law to virtualisation software. At ACS I get to apply these skills by integrating different systems with each other to create automation solutions. I hold a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Uppsala University and have also studied at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Off work I spend a lot of time on electronics projects, mechanical vehicle maintenance and exercising and training with my dogs. I’m from the Åland archipelago and enjoy spending time at sea whenever possible.

I’m hoping there will be a rapid movement towards renewables as the main source of energy, where electrical vehicles and solar power plays an important role. At ACS I feel I can participate in this process directly. 


Automation & IT-Engineer
+358 (0)45 220 9745

I work at the in the area of software and IoT at ACS. 

I code in a variety of languages, including PHP and Python, I have a degree in 

Electrical and Automation Engineering from Hämeen Ammattikorkeakoulu, and Master studies at the University of Turku.

In my free time I enjoy playing with my cat and tinkering with new libraries of code.

If your system needs internet connectivity and data analysis, or you are interested in remotely controlling a process, I can be of help.



Senior Technician
+358 (0)40 354 2546